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Many visitors staying in one of our furnished apartments in Atlanta will opt in favor of public transportation, since navigating around in a car there can be challenging for several reasons. One big problem is the fact that the city streets are not laid out in any sort of grid pattern. There are very few rectangular blocks or square intersections. Most streets wind and turn a lot. The city is divided into geographic quadrants (southwest, southeast, northwest, and northeast) where five main streets converge downtown. This area is called Five Points. Further complicating things is the fact that more than twenty avenues, drives, streets, and lanes in Atlanta contain the word "Peachtree". Only one of these, Peachtree Street, is actually a main road. Having a GPS device in your rental car could be a wise choice should you chose to do your own driving.

Public Transportation:
Atlanta's MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) public transportation system caters to almost half a million daily riders. It's extremely efficient. With such a large number of bus and rail lines, you shouldn't have any trouble getting from most of the outer suburbs to the heart of Atlanta. MARTA has been serving Atlanta's populace for more than 30 years, and is by far the easiest means of traveling around the city and its suburbs.

With over 48 miles of rail lines and 38 stations, even the many of the smaller and less well known areas of Atlanta are accessible with MARTA. The Red line runs all the way from North Springs to Atlanta's main airport. The Green line carries passengers from Bankhead to Edgewood, while the Blue line reaches all the way from West Lake to Indian Creek. Similarly, MARTA boasts 132 bus lines, which makes getting around via public transportation that much easier. MARTA's bus system operates from Monday thru Friday from 5 AM to 1:30 AM, and from 5AM to12:30AM on the weekends.

Gwinnett, Clayton, and Cobb counties all operate their own bus lines. The C-TRAN is the bus line for Clayton, and both the Gwinnett County Transit and Cobb Community Transit are the bus lines for their respective towns.

If you prefer taxicabs as a means of getting around then Atlanta is an ideal city for you. With over 1,000 taxicabs catering to the city's residents, finding one while roaming the streets generally isn't an issue. If it is, however, contact the following taxicab companies:

  • Su-Taxi
  • Rapid Taxi Company
  • ImagineAir PDK
  • Peach Cab Company
  • Day & Night Cab Company

Although the majority of the city's residents rely on their cars for their daily transport, walking and public transit are good alternate options for visitors to consider. The major downtown neighborhoods are quite walkable, and many areas of town are easily accessible via Atlanta's public transit. Of course, if you do have a car and don't mind facing some traffic issues here and there, driving your own vehicle is usually the fastest way to get around. Additionally, having your own car will enable you to get to destinations that are sometimes impossible to access by public transit.

Atlanta is surrounded by a beltway which is commonly referred to as "the Perimeter" (I-285). Locals often refer to locations as being either "inside the Perimeter" or "outside the Perimeter". The following is a list of the major highways running in and around the city:

  • I-75, also called The Northwest Expressway, is the highway running through Atlanta towards Tennessee and Ohio to the north and Florida to the south.
  • I-20 , also named The West Expressway, runs in an east and west direction across Atlanta
  • I-85 - Also called the Northeast Expressway, is the highway running north and south connecting Atlanta to Alabama and the Carolinas.
  • I-285 - This is the highway serving as Atlanta's beltway, and it often quite congested.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is Atlanta's main airport. It's considered to be the nation's busiest (in numbers of takeoffs and landings). Since this airport is a major connecting hub, you'll be able to find flights to just about anywhere you wish to go. The airport services over 75 million passengers each year. The city's MARTA rail line connects Hartsfield to the rest of the city, making it easy for visitors to get to Hartsfield-Jackson airport from all parts of Atlanta.

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